2017 Greater New York: record-breaking numbers!

All Photos in this article by Vanessa Sun


The banners celebrating the 15 years of the Kasparov Chess Foundation and welcoming players, parents, and coaches, which numbered well over 2000, to the playing hall

The 2017 Greater New York Championship had a record-shattering attendance, just in time for the Kasparov Chess Foundation’s 15th year anniversary! Players from all over the Tri-state area came to the Marriot at Brooklyn Bridge to enjoy a weekend of chess and fun. Even with the Super Bowl happening the same weekend, the tournament was able to attract more than 1500 K-12 players!


Garry Kasparov made an appearance, even making the first move in some of the top boards!

There were a variety of tournament sections, based on age and rating band. These were the final winners from the Championship (open) section in High School, Junior High, Elementary, Primary and K-1:

The High School Championship was taken by the highest rated player, FM Ethan Li, who swept the field with a convincing 5.5/6. He was followed closely by Max Li and Dennis Li.

Place Name Rtng Team Grd St Tot
1 FM Ethan Li 2390 LIPAT 11 NY 5.5
2-3 Max Li 2083 EMONJS 09 NY 5
Dennis Li 2158 09 CT 5
4-5 Henry Qi 2210 WTCLARK 10 NY 4.5
Brian Arthur 2058 EMURR 12 NY 4.5
6-9 Daniel Regassa 1936 STUY 11 NY 4
Nicholas Cardenas 2001 TRENHS 11 NJ 4
Tristan Dalhouse 1836 EMURR 11 NY 4
Diante Davis 2016 BCSM 11 NY 4
10-19 Mubassar Uddin 2013 NEST 12 NY 3.5

Meanwhile in the Junior High Championship there was again a clear rating favorite: FM Hans Niemann who took the event with another 5.5/6. He was followed very closely by three players!


FM Hans Niemann got the job done, but it was not easy

Place Name Rtng Team Grd St Tot
1 FM Hans Niemann 2402 08 CT 5.5
2-4 Alan Zhang 2120 07 NJ 5
Brandon Wang 2108 07 NY 5
Theo Kogan 1668 CGPS 07 NY 5
5-10 Wesley Wang 2257 JERIMS 07 NEW 4.5
Justin Chen 2264 LAB-M 08 NY 4.5
Ankit Raparthi 1900 COLLG 07 NY 4.5
Marcus Sutton 1952 I318K 08 NY 4.5
Katrina Wong 1868 I318K 08 NY 4.5
James Lee 1922 SPEYR 07 NY 4.5

The Elementary Championship section was a hard fought battle, and it all came down to the duel between Nico Chasin against Vincent Tsay in the last round to determine the winner. It was Nico that emerged on top and won the event!

# Place Name Rtng Team Grd St Tot
1 1 Nico Chasin 2107 P41M 04 NY 6
2 2-8 Jason Lu 1905 05 NJ 5
3 Charles Hua 1869 NEST 05 NY 5
4 Vincent Tsay 2127 BUCDAY 06 NY 5
5 Davis Zong 2078 NEST 05 NY 5
6 Leonardo Liu 1753 06 NEW 5
7 William Tse 1641 P33M 04 NY 5
8 Eric Sheng Wu 1782 PRDAY 05 NJ 5
9 9-14 Eddy Tian 2111 04 NJ 4.5
10 Paris Prestia 1860 LLOYDE 05 NY 4.5

The only section that did not have a clear winner was, interestingly, the youngest section! In the K-1  we saw a big five-way tie for first place! Due to the tiebreak system, it was Oliver Boydell that got first:

Place Name Rtng Team Grd St Tot
1-5 Oliver Boydell 1427 UNIS 01 NY 5
Will Luo 888 01 NJ 5
Xan Meister 1420 COLLG 01 NY 5
Ranbeer Arora 1017 COLLG 01 NY 5
Avaan Chamadia 949 P11M 01 NY 5
6-9 Christoffer Lamtan 873 P11M 01 NY 4.5
Jasper Ho 990 SPEYR 01 NY 4.5
Kai Gabriel Tsuboyama 824 NEST 01 NY 4.5
Stephanie Weinberg 760 DALTN 01 NY 4.5
10-18 Kabeer Arora 835 COLLG 01 NY 4

Vanessa Sun, chess player, journalist and enthusiast from New York brings us these beautiful impressions from the Greater New York tournament:


The players got to tell what they wanted to open with…


Some requested the normal 1.e4 or 1.d4…


But this girl made Garry Kasparov open with 1.f4!


Coaches hard at work: grandmasters Irina Krush and Alex Lendermanyuognersection01

Tough battles in the Elementary section
youngersection02 dress01

Dressed for the occasion, no doubtyoungersection03 battlefortrophy01

The sweet feeling of victory
topboards01Many of the most promising players in the country participated in the event


The structure might resemble a top level game!

A proud winnersophie01

Sophie Morris-Suzuki is one of the most promising female players in the countrypride0

Big pride!

Murrow Chess

More winners from the High School sectionwomenschess01

U.S. Chess Federation had a strong female presencewinner04

Can’t beat that smile

More information about the tournament and full standings can be found at the Greater New York website.

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