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KCF Annual Gala: 30 year celebration of Kasparov’s triumph

The KCF is about Chess Education above all else The stage is set for the annual KCF gala – and a special one this year! It is hard to believe that already thirty years have passed since the historical triumph of Kasparov over Karpov in their 1985 World Championship match. The elegance of Garry’s last […]

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Inaugural Greater California Scholastic

by Jerry Yee 193 kids participated in Glendale, California on the weekend of August 15-16 in the Inaugural 2015 Greater California Scholastic Championships. The event was sponsored by the Kasparov Chess Foundation and organized by two of Southern California’s most prominent and successful chess education programs, Beyond Chess and the American Chess Academy (ACA). Beyond […]

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Kasparov Chess Foundation Announces Inaugural 2015 Greater California Scholastic Championships

New York, NY, Aug. 5, 2015 — Kasparov Chess Foundation is proud to announce the first Greater California Scholastic Championships, to take place on Aug. 15 – 16, 2015, at the Maple Park Community Center, 800 E. Maple Street, Glendale, CA.  The Greater California event joins KCF’s Regional Scholastic Championship Series, including Greater Chicago, Greater […]

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KCF Africa qualifiers for Las Vegas

The third and final KCF Africa sponsored Millionaire Chess satellite tournament concluded in Johannesburg, South Africa on Sunday 20th July. The series of African satellite tournaments came about as a result of a unique collaboration between the Kasparov Chess Foundation Africa and Millionaire Chess and has had a massive impact as a development initiative on […]

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Ashritha Eswaran Pan-American u20 Champion

  By Dejan Bojkov – grandmaster and coach of Ashritha Eswaran During the Pan American Championships last year in Paraguay we met a lot of nice people and one of them invited us to come to the next edition in El Salvador. Alvaro tempted us with a lot of things. I am sure Ashritha liked the […]

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Guam International Open 2015

by Peter Long The Guam International Open Chess Championship was held at the Guam Reef Hotel from 17-23 July 2015 and was made possible primarily due to sponsorship from the Kasparov Chess Foundation Asia-Pacific and Prospero “Butch” Pichay Jr. from the National Chess Federation of the Philippines. Given the distance of the largest Island in Micronesia […]

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Asia Pacific launches new website

The Kasparov Chess Foundation – Asia Pacific, headed by KCFAP President Ignatius Leong, has launched a new website! Their content director is Peter Long. Check out the new website here:

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Chandra tops U.S. Junior

In what seems to be a never-ending string of successes for the members of the Young Stars program, co-sponsored by the Kasparov Chess Foundation and by the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis, Akshat Chandra and Jeffery Xiong have taken the 1st and 2nd spots at the U.S. Junior Invitational tournament. The winner! […]

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U.S. Junior Championship underway

The 2015 U.S. Junior Chess Championship is currently underway in Saint Louis, Missouri. The host of the event is the Saint Louis Chess Club, co-sponsor with the Kasparov Chess Foundation of the Young Stars program. The tournament is an invitation-only round robin event to determine the best u20 player in the United States. Players are invited […]

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Success in Pan-American Youth

More success for members of the Young Stars program, as well as for youth U.S. Chess overall! This time many medals were achieved in the Pan-American Youth Festival, which was held in the city of Cali, Colombia. The playing hall in Cali The event gathers the strongest players from each country in the Americas, representing […]

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