Message from the Chairman


I want to take this opportunity to thank you for  your interest in the most worthy of endeavors – the education of our  children. In an age when schools are facing significant budgetary  restraints, there is a greater need than ever to make chess available to  as many students as possible. We’ve assembled the very best in chess  education to develop a complete chess curriculum – K through 12.

We’ve designed a program that encourages  creativity, instills self-discipline and offers hope and a feeling of  accomplishment to millions of children. But we can’t do it alone. With  your help, we can bring chess into the classrooms where it belongs. We can  turn our dream of a better education for tomorrow into a reality today.  KCF’s mission is to bring the many educational benefits of chess to children throughout the world by providing a complete chess curriculum and enrichment programs.

Now in its thirteenth year of operation, the Foundation works with more than 3,500 schools throughout the United States and many more around the world, to promote the study of chess as a cognitive learning tool in curricular classes and after-school programs for elementary, middle and high schools. The not-for-profit educational organization also organizes tournaments and competitions on a local and national basis.

Thank you for your continued support and generous donations.

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