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Asia Pacific launches new website

The Kasparov Chess Foundation – Asia Pacific, headed by KCFAP President Ignatius Leong, has launched a new website! Their content director is Peter Long. Check out the new website here:

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Chandra tops U.S. Junior

In what seems to be a never-ending string of successes for the members of the Young Stars program, co-sponsored by the Kasparov Chess Foundation and by the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis, Akshat Chandra and Jeffery Xiong have taken the 1st and 2nd spots at the U.S. Junior Invitational tournament. The winner! […]

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U.S. Junior Championship underway

The 2015 U.S. Junior Chess Championship is currently underway in Saint Louis, Missouri. The host of the event is the Saint Louis Chess Club, co-sponsor with the Kasparov Chess Foundation of the Young Stars program. The tournament is an invitation-only round robin event to determine the best u20 player in the United States. Players are invited […]

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Success in Pan-American Youth

More success for members of the Young Stars program, as well as for youth U.S. Chess overall! This time many medals were achieved in the Pan-American Youth Festival, which was held in the city of Cali, Colombia. The playing hall in Cali The event gathers the strongest players from each country in the Americas, representing […]

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Ashritha Eswaran is Girls u20 U.S. Champion

Yet another victory for a member of the Young Stars program, sponsored by the Kasparov Chess Foundation. This time it was Ashritha Eswaran’s turn to shine, as she won the U.S. Junior Girls Invitational in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with an outstanding score of 6.5/9. Ahsritha Eswaran hard at work in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Photo by Ruth Haring. […]

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Message from the Chairman

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for  your interest in the most worthy of endeavors – the education of our  children. In an age when schools are facing significant budgetary  restraints, there is a greater need than ever to make chess available to  as many students as possible. We’ve assembled the very […]

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Young Stars USA Session (1/2)

The tension could be cut with a knife; the focus and intensity of every member of the room was apparent. A trio of tables had been arranged in a U shape, and everyone was ignoring the laptops in front of them, focusing instead on the position on the projector. Suddenly, one of them spoke up. […]

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Success for Jeffery Xiong


It has already been a fantastic year for the young members of the Young Stars program, which is co-sponsored by the Saint Louis Chess Club and Scholastic Center as well as the Kasparov Chess Foundation. Earlier this year Sam Sevian had a fantastic performance in the U.S. Championship, earning his qualification to the 2015 World […]

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Jeffery Xiong Makes History in Chicago Open


Congratulations to 14-year-old Jeffery Xiong, who took clear first at the Chicago Open with 7/9! Xiong took home over $10,000, earned his third GM norm and gained enough rating points to push him over 2500 FIDE! To read more about Jeffrey’s big win, click here.

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Kasparov Delivers Commencement Speech at Saint Louis University – Receives Honorary Doctorate of Laws


On May 16, 2015, Garry Kasparov delivered the commencement speech at Saint Louis University.  To read the transcript of his speech, please click here.  To watch the entire commencement speech on video, click here.

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